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Aid all displaced people in securing counseling, housing, clothing and other essentials to sustain a better life.

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Don't let another child die that could have been helped with proper medical care.

In Honor Of Dinah
At Kettey's Exchange for Children and Women Resources, we see these children as our own. Every need they have and every tear that falls from their face and into our hands we consider to be a deep need to problem solve issues quickly before they become out of hand. This lovely child was found in Ghana with an eye infection that could have been addressed with proper medical attention and supplies. She was only 12 years old and passed away due to not being able to get medical attention on time. We found her during the last stages of her life and we could not believe that an eye infection that could have been treated easily in the U.S. could not be found in Ghana for her. These are stories we do not want to see repeated for any child we find. Every donation in medical supplies or care is considered a blessing for us. We even invite doctors to donate time with us for a few days to help treat these children as part of missionary work to inspire hope and healing. We believe everyone can be part of the solution. If you have anything you wish to donate, contribute or offer, please call our founders office and specify the donation request.
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