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Kettey Has Always Felt the Need of the Poor and Responded

Emelia Kettey is the founder of Kettey’s Exchange for Children and Women Resources. She has always felt the need of the poor and responded. She is a women of pure dedication to the heart and union of solutions for children and mothers in need of help. There is nothing she will not do to bring her orphans and mothers a chance to know the power of love and kindness. Kettey’s Exchange for Children and Women Resources is responsible for saving hundreds of children and mothers. This gift of life is due to your generous donations throughout the years to serve humanity with Emeila Kettey.

Kettey Is Reaching The World With Love

In October 2019, Kettey’s International Fashion is providing support towards Smiles and Beyond, a non-profit organization whereby the proceeds of this event will support Smiles and Beyond. Attendees who come to shop at Kettey’s International Fashion will be contributing indirectly to Kettey’s Exchange for Children and Mothers Resources. We believe the gift of contribution is the greatest force of love in the universe.

The Power Of Love
One of the greatest joys we have is seeing these children and mothers smile, laugh and know they are loved. It is one of the greatest rewards to see them filled with joy.

The Power Of Encouragement
We encourage a strong foundation of positive mindsets and a feeling of knowing they are not alone.

The Power Of Nature
We work together using agriculture to help provide natural resources to help stabilize their lives and build their future.

The Power Of Visiting Villages
We visit villages and help them know they are not alone and provide resources to those in need who might otherwise never have help.

The Power Of Networking
We network with leaders from around the world both in these villages and in the United States. These networks are responsible for donations that have saved hundreds of lives.

The Power Of A Child
We bring to these children hope wrapped up with visual proof that God has not abandoned them and they will have a chance to be evidence of love made visible.