Ukraine Update March 5, 2022

Ukraine Update March 5, 2022

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Hello, we just wanted to give you an update after today. 

➑ We reached the Ukrainian side of the border. We packed our friend’s combi car with goods and gifts for people and drove. We saw a favour of the Lord upon as, because as Siya is a south-african citizen, he needs visa to be in Ukraine. The guards stopped him and questioned us, but after all they agreed for us to serve at the ukrainian side without official entry πŸ™

➑ The needs are overwhelming. We brought with us 4x10L thermos with hot tea and hundreds of bread rolls, juice mousses and protein bars for children and everything was gone in less than half an hour. Happily we had a chance to refill thermoses with hot tea with a gas stove so we were handing those out as the time went by. 

➑ When we reached the place, we understood why the Lord has us on the streets handing out sandwiches, cake and tea to homeless for 3 years. We realised we are trained for such a time like this. While other organisations were standing in their tents waiting for the people to approach them, we decided to take foldable tables and churches and enter the line with the ukrainians. This way, we could reach the children, the shy, the weak, the scared and create a gathering there. As people were waiting we had time to share the gospel with them, pray, laugh and cry, explain what Poland is like, etc. It felt like family gathering in the middle of boarder line. We felt hearts of the people melted. 

➑ The boarder was very busy today. There were thousands of people standing in a long long line and it was very cold. The children are often too tired to walk, so women carry their luggages (usually 2 bags) and children alone. We were helping them carry babies and luggages, but it seemed like a drop in the ocean. The crowd was very big. We were told that the intensity of traffic increases each time there is a bomb attack. This is why we can see waves of masses coming in every few days – depending on the intensity of the war. 

➑ Just to inform you, we are in a border crossing called Korczowa. It is a relatively small one, but also there are not as many volunteers or help organisations as on the main ones. We are not in the same place as Europe Awakening is, as we had people asking. 

➑ As the needs are great and potential to preach the gospel huge, we are planning to call for a team of volunteers and missionaries come and join us, possibly in the midst of march. We are working on coordination and preparing ground for themπŸ™πŸ™

βž‘πŸ™ We have a dream to also organize street outreaches in Lviv, train station. We know there are masses of people there, very desperate and broken, arriving there from the whole Ukraine (the journey taking days and trains being overcrowded) in hope to be picked up by the buses and vans from the border. It is only 70 kms away from our border crossing and there are convoys sent daily to that place from the border. But it will depend on our resources and people that will come to join. 

➑ We also must focus on long term strategy. We have started receiving news about refugees being kicked out of a shelter place after some nights. Since there are still great numbers coming to Poland, we really feel like we want to start a base where we will be able to provide long-term, safe, family atmosphere, accommodation. We are planning to rent a base in the next few weeks. Latest, next month. 

Thank you so much for standing with up in this challenging time πŸ™ We want to see Jesus glorified, people saved and reached by the love of God. It is our goal, our passion, our calling.

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